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Lewis Defense Consulting (LDC) provides a specialized set of services to our clientele. Our experience and insight into the issues facing the Defense industry has enabled us to develop and implement successful solutions to our worldwide family of clients. LDC’s work has provided a competitive edge to U.S. based and international.companies seeking to fulfill a variety of US Department of Defense and International military needs.

LDC rapidly builds a team tailored to your company’s needs. Teams are led by an LDC account manager and combined with firm partners and/or alliance member associates. Their strategic planning and management experience provides a coordinated effort, superior end product and reliable relationship to our clients. Rarely are any of our nation’s defense activities undertaken by a single military service. Multi-Service, joint, and coalition operations have become standard operating procedure and LDC through its field of associates and alliances enables you to capitalize on this where typical firms specialize in one Service or another.

LDC is committed to delivering quality service and strictly adheres to our values with professional integrity and respect. LDC commits to provide its clients with independent viewpoints that maintain loyalty to both our clients and to our nation's war fighters. We are often faced with difficult and challenging choices- this is the harsh reality of living and working in a demanding and complex business environment. At LDC, we respect and protect proprietary information obtained from or relating to our clients and/or third parties, in accordance with local law and professional standards as well as classified information in accordance with Federal law.